About Me

To many people, this website will at first glance seem like, ‘yet another’ photography website.My hope is that people can get glimpses of my  story, through my lens and shots which I hope I have been able to express with what I have captured.

My story that I want to tell starts in 2006, with me on a plane from Tehran. Destination London.Freedom, at last! I had dreamt of this day, since I was a child. This was really happening; it was no longer a dream but my reality. I watched from the window as the plane landed at Heathrow Airport, and thus my new life would begin.

When I arrived here in London, I did not speak or was able to even write a word of English, leaving me anxious about the obvious daily challenges I would face.

 Through hard work, sheer determination and perhaps some luck, I eventually got a job, driving  with one of the largest private hire company’s  in London – long before the Uber days. 

To me, this was an opportunity of a lifetime, I had always loved driving in Iran, but driving in London for me was such an amazing and inspiring journey, each time a different experience.   I was now driving past Big Ben, crossing London Bridge and other famous landmarks, which I had only heard about as a kid, such a contrast to driving amidst the mountains in Iran. 

Each passenger I have driven, through them I have discovered a new city, and was able to see  London through their eyes.  Each person had a unique story to tell, from Harrods to Hackney….

Ironically, I may have heard more complaints about the city by Londoners themselves ” this weather is awful, this city is so expensive, it sucks the life out of you…” – yet to me it remains the city which gave me a second chance, and a place which I am now honoured to call home. Ten years later, I still find magic and beauty in this city, my home. 

Choosing a profession with hardly any sleep, having to be constantly on the move, comes at its own price, but there is also so much freedom to it. Each week, picking up hundreds of passengers who are always in a hurry has made me appreciate the more little special quiet moments of life.

And that’s why I decided to capture these visuals with my camera, and so started a collection of pictures of London.The places we see every day, but don’t pay attention to anymore, because we are in a hurry or we take them for granted.Many Londoners are not even aware of the history that surrounds us. 

My works aims to capture particular moments of life, hence the title. I hope you can enjoy as them much as I have enjoyed capturing them with my camera.